Don Ignacio Cheddar con Jalapeno

Don Ignacio Cheddar con Jalapeno

2,86 € *
Old price: 4,90 €
Heartbreaking Dawns Skylarkin Anytime Sauce

Heartbreaking Dawn's Skylarkin Anytime Sauce

3,90 € *
2,60 € per 100 ml
Old price: 6,90 €
Cola-drops candies extra hot 200gr

Cola-drops candies extra hot 200gr

2,42 € *
1,21 € per 100 g
Old price: 3,50 €
Louisiana Gold Horseradish Hot Sauce

Louisiana Gold Horseradish Hot Sauce

4,90 € *
3,27 € per 100 ml
Old price: 6,50 €
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Bravado Spice Co. Tex-Cajun Seasoning

Bravado Spice Co. Tex-Cajun Seasoning

7,90 € *
10,33 € per 100 g
Pain is Good, #37 Habanero Garlic

Pain is Good, #37 Habanero Garlic

7,99 € *
3,99 € per 100 ml
Alice Cooper No More Mr. Nice Guy

Alice Cooper No More Mr. Nice Guy

8,90 € *
6,01 € per 100 ml
Pepper King Habanero Potato Chips

Pepper King Habanero Potato Chips

2,19 € *
1,75 € per 100 g
Raspberry candies extrahot 200gr

Raspberry candies extrahot 200gr

3,50 € *
1,75 € per 100 g
hot jelly 150gr

hot jelly 150gr

2,60 € *
1,73 € per 100 g
Salsa Lizano

Salsa Lizano

10,99 € *
1,57 € per 100 ml


Our Christmas Offer: Barbecue sauces from Oy Poppamies at a very special price.
€ 14,99
4 premium barbecue sauces, made in Costa Rica in 4 various flavors

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About us

Welcome to the webshop Mopeppers Hotshop!

Mopeppers Hotshop is one of the longest existing Chili Shops in German-speaking area. Founded and lead by Anton Moser we are a small family business located in Esternberg, Upper Austria.

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Mopeppers Hotshop has got the fiery choice

A visit in our hotshop brings a definitely punch of zesty and fiery flavor to your life. Order your favourite hot sauce, seasoning, seeds and related products from our hotshop! But be careful: you may not burn your fingers here but possibly your tongue ...

You like the burn of hot sauce in your belly?

Whenever the desire for heat gets you, we're prepared to deliver Hot Sauces and related products urgently. Using our virtual heat-o-meter you can chose your perfect products promptly. Products of lower heat-level than 3 are perfect for all family use whereas heat-level 10 is advisable for advanced chileheads only. If you'd like to check our delivery speed, just put a hot-sauce of level 12 into your basket, go through checkout and wait who's first: our parcel or the fire police...

Hot chili seeds from your hotshop

You'd like to grow your own chili ? Check our chili seeds of Trinidad Moruga, Bhut Jolokia, various specimen of Habaneros and vice versaBih Jolokia in all colors, flavors and heat levels. Of course we've got some of them ready-to-use. See the range of chili flakes and powders at chili powder.

Mopeppers: the Hotshop with brandhot assortment

besides hot sauces, chili powder and seeds you will find:

  • Jalapeño-Nachos
  • hot queso
  • fruity Salsas
  • various mustards
  • Wasabi or Chili-snacks
  • hot candies and jelly
  • and other goodies.

Next Mopeppers are importers of neem tree products from India, so if your plants are full of aphids or any suckling pests try our Neem Products: The seeds of the neem tree are used traditionally as an organic pest control in India, and it works here as well. Neem oil is pressed from the seeds of the neem tree and its a cheap and effective pest control. You can avoid the use of any chemical pesticides and help mother nature for a better future in agriculture. Neem products do neither have any impacts on humans, mammals, birds or even birds nor any environmentally contamination

The online hotshop, knowing the best

Hotshops are formerly known from the USA, where hot sauces are being celebrated for decades. Get your own hot sauce now from just around the corner. It's safe and secure, we're in the business for more than 10 years and have thousands of satisfied customers which you can check on our reviews sites at

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Enjoy Mopeppers Hotshop advantages:

  • diversified assortment
  • quick delivery
  • high quality
  • perfect service
  • best price for heat.