Shamanic Fire Box 2 Hotsauces
Jolokia based el chaman 333 plus Jalapeno hot sauce and habanero hot sauce, all manufactured of best and freshest ingredients

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el chaman 333 Hotsauce

The new champ is born: World's Hottest Non-Extract Hot Sauce! This a full flavored Hotsauce powered by the world's hottest know chile pepper Naga Jolokia without any oleoresin of capsicum at incredible 333.000 Scoville units.

Heat 10


Jalapeno Hotsauce
Jalapeños are a very popular ingredient in Mexican hot sauce. Mexican-style sauces have become popular internationally.
Its mild heat and robust flavor captures the true essence of the jalapeno like no other sauce can.
Heat 3


Habanero Hotsauce
Habanero crushed pepper sauce is truly a favorite of any hot pepper enthusiast. Habanero pepper sauces are almost the hottest natural pepper sauces.
Try this crushed Habanero sauce with fresh Habanero peppers with almost any food !!

Heat 4


Content: 3x148 ml
Ingredients: see each items description

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This product consists of
Habanero Hotsauce

1 x Habanero Hotsauce

4,40 € *
Jalapeno Hotsauce

1 x Jalapeno Hotsauce

4,20 € *
el chaman 333

1 x el chaman 333

6,90 € *
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