The Source
Eine mystische Erfahrung ist sie auf jeden Fall: The Source - die Quelle der Schärfe. Es liegt in deinem Händen: Bist du stark genug für die Herausforderung ? Lange Zeit die schärfste Sauce der Welt aber immer noch der reine Wahnsinn: 7,1 Millionen Scoville

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Ancient cultures, from the Egyptians to the Mayas and the Aztecs, were bound by a common belief. . . That all things good or bad are driven by energy. It is the force behind the rising sun and the shining of a nighttime star; it's responsible for precision and passion. Legend has it that the god of love held the Source of all energy. He was trusted with this responsibility by the other gods because his heart was filled with good. For millenniums he used the energy to fill the world with love. But a time came when the other gods quarreled amongst themselves. One after another they wold come to the god of love demanding that he use the energy to serve their own selfish desires. At first he would yield to their demands, then he saw the outcome. The world was no longer filled with love. . . bad was beginning to prevail. He knew he had to protect the Source and not let bad grow stonger than it already had. He plotted, and deep within a long neglected pyramid he hid the Source. When the other gods came to him and demanded energy to achieve their evil deeds he told them of his defiant act. He steadfastly refused to reveal where the Source was hidden and the other gods banished him from his throne, leaving him to wander and die a mortal's death with his secret in his heart. With the Source hidden away, good and bad held equal measure. After thousands upon thousands of years, the Source became nothing more than a legend. Until now. In your hand is the Source. Now you have the responsibility to use the Source. . . Are you strong enough to take the challenge?
Content: 30 ml

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